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In Greek mythology, Artemis was the goddess of the moon and hunting. In marketing mythology, Artemis Limpert is very much the same.




Looking the truth square in the face is deeply embarrassing at times… but hiding from the truth doesn’t make it any less so. I had to learn “Mastery” over a lifelong habit...


rave reviews

Rave Reviews

"Artemis has a way of brilliantly providing insights, concepts and philosophies that causes an immediate and empowering impact in the lives of those who are exposed to her materials."

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Rave Reviews

Hello Artemis!!!!
I am Jill Roach. You met me at the seminar in Chicago. I will make this brief. I just finished listening to your cd’c on leadership and YOU ARE RIGHT ON, WOMAN!!!!!!! Thank you for the awesome info. It either confirmed for me that I was on the right track as a leader in this industry or it reminded me of some important fundamentals that we, as leaders must continue to apply every day.
Thank you for coming into my life at just the critical time…..Synchronicity!!!!! I hope to see you again soon???????

Best Regards,


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