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In Greek mythology, Artemis was the goddess of the moon and hunting. In marketing mythology, Artemis Limpert is very much the same.




Looking the truth square in the face is deeply embarrassing at times… but hiding from the truth doesn’t make it any less so. I had to learn “Mastery” over a lifelong habit...


rave reviews

Rave Reviews

"Artemis has a way of brilliantly providing insights, concepts and philosophies that causes an immediate and empowering impact in the lives of those who are exposed to her materials."

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Rave Reviews

I’ve been a family physician and now a network marketer and life and wellness coach.

Artemis has been one of my key mentors for the past 2 years. Like a master sculptor, she has a unique ability to see and call forth the true self in each person, and to clearly articulate the heart of the matter—whether it’s in business, personal growth, leadership, or relationships.
CD Set “Educating Your Exoectations” has greatly assisted me firstly with it’s energy—helping me get right back in state to prospect and lead my team—as well as with its key distinctions on leadership and building a team. It’s a resource I’ll be using repeatedly and one which will be key for all the serious leaders on my team. Ben Lo, MD …..


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