About Artemis

“In Greek mythology, Artemis was the goddess of the moon and hunting. In marketing mythology, Artemis Limpert is very much the same.

Clearly a hunter: powerful, on-purpose and always productive, she is also a bit of a sweetheart; warm, caring and funny... the classic combination of iron hand and velvet glove. Artemis gives power principles and practical in-the-field applications that are designed to transform your business-building paradigms of what it takes to succeed beyond your wildest imagination...”

John Milton Fogg – Int'l Speaker & Author - The Greatest Networker in the World

As a friend, entrepreneur and award winning performer in multiple disciplines, Artemis is one of the female giants of the modern-day human potential movement. Artemis learned the importance of “Educating her Expectations” which assisted her to become a fitness Champion, top performing entrepreneur and an international speaker to those seeking transformation in their personal and business lives.

A successful 6-Figure income earner in Corporate America, Artemis then moved on to develop a Network Marketing Organization and --in only a few short years— had achieved the Top Ranking in her company, trained Thousands of Distributors, became a highly respected Team Builder, Producing Millions of Dollars in organizational Volume.

Artemis is a Body-for-Life Grand Champion, and her Winning Mindset is what attracted the attention of World-Renowned Self-Help Giant – Anthony Robbins – to seek her out as one of his Infomercial Television spokespersons for his Internationally Best Selling Program, “Get The Edge”.

As a highly sought-after motivational speaker and coach, Artemis has the unique ability to cut-to-the-heart-of-the-matter with humor, wit, and wisdom, which allows people – just like you – to achieve the real breakthroughs they desire to move forward in their personal lives and their business enterprises

Artemis has shared the stage with Mark Victor Hansen, Jim Rohn, Les Brown, Denise Waitley, John Assaraf, Jerry Clark, and many more Empowerment Giants.

Artemis is available for personal coaching and speaking... and can be reached directly at 1-972-646-1577 Artemis@ArtemisLimpert.com or contact us via the web.


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