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Anthony Robbins

“Sage and I have known Artemis for more then a decade, and Artemis is such a shining example of a true leader that I selected her to represent me and my company in our infomercial for Get-The-Edge".

"Artemis has strategies and tools that will assist you to move you life to the next level”

Jerry "DRhino" Clark President - Club Rhino, Inc.

“Artemis has a way of brilliantly providing insights, concepts and philosophies that causes an immediate and empowering impact in the lives of those who are exposed to her materials. I Highly Recommend that anyone who desire to Create Magic in their life… listen, learn, and apply the personal growth and leadership teachings of Artemis.”

John Milton Fogg – Int'l Speaker & Author - The Greatest Networker in the World

"In Greek mythology, Artemis was the goddess of the moon and hunting. In marketing mythology, Artemis Limpert is very much the same. Clearly a hunter: powerful, on-purpose and always productive, she is also a bit of a sweetheart; warm, caring and funny... the classic combination of iron hand and velvet glove. Artemis gives power principles and practical in-the-field applications that are designed to transform your business-building paradigms of what it takes to succeed beyond your wildest imagination...”

John Shortell – Top distributor in Australia

At the time of this writing I am returning from the Jeff Combs “More Heart Than Talent” Seminar. It was AWESOME. As a speaker, it was great being in a crowd with such serious, productive entrepreneurs. There will be audio CD’s of the event available for $99.00. I cannot recommend them highly enough. Many of the old pros spoke, Doug Firebaugh, Jerry Clark, Motivated Mike Lemire, Big Al, Todd Falcone and people you may not have heard of yet like Laura Kaufman, Mike Ray and Artemis Limpert. These people were awesome, and if you haven’t heard of them yet, YOU WILL. Quite frankly, I would pay $99.00 just for the CD of the talk given by Artemis. As soon as she started to talk my pen started writing."

EXCERPT from Dale Calvert’s Newsletter to his team

"I have been in Network Marketing industry for more than 20 years and have purchased many tapes sets over that time... and the best one is I ever purchased or listened to is Artemis's "Educating You Expectations". There is more information on each on of those CD's as most people have in an entire 8 CD set - which equated to 64 CD's - VERY powerful. The great thing about the material is it is for everyone on my team - then new person just starting, as well as the seasoned leader.

Joe Syverson – Top MLM Trainer & Lead Generator.

“Artemis is a leader of leaders simply put. If she is'nt’t as famous as Anthony Robbins someday, I would be very surprised. Artemis is truly light years ahead of the sea of personal success coaches when it comes to getting out of your own way, creating long lasting change, and manifesting your dreams into reality. If you are looking to take a Quantum Leap in creating the life you deserve… and shave years off your learning curve in FREE Enterprise, then go to her Immersion Workshops, buy all of her cd’s and get on her waiting list for personal coaching. I have had more of my lead clients RAVE about her Immersion workshops than any other personal development event out there! She can get to the root of your challenges faster than you can figure out what credit card to use!”

Michael Lovitch– Co-Founder, The Hypnosis Network

“I consider myself lucky to have experienced Artemis Limpert’s DVD programs. I have learned an amazing amount of information about leadership, but more importantly I now understand the power of making decisions without looking back. It is one thing to just read about this, but another to have Artemis drilling this into your very being – thanks!”

Scott, Head of All U.S. Operations

"Wow, this is the only word I can think of that describes your impact. Your presentation, from those I spoke with, was nothing short of amazing. You had a Huge impact on the women in attendance. I spoke with several after the event and your presentation , in particular, left women in awe of your willpower and tenacity. Thank You, Thank You , Thank You… "

Alexandria K. Brown, "The E-Zine Queen"

Last year I had the chance to hear a dynamic woman named Artemis Limpert speak at an event in Dallas. In her talk, she pointed out that when you have a pet fish that's sick, you treat the water, not the fish. Your success depends more on your environment than you know, but it's extremely important that you give yourself an environment that supports you at the level you want to BE at. (Note that she did NOT say the level you are at now!)

Jeremy Likness

I just got back from Los Angeles. I was at a three-day seminar that literally changed my life. The speaker there most of you may know was Mark Victor Hansen, the author of the Chicken Soup series. In addition to Mark, there was Artemis Limpert who was a BFL champion and is a very, very successful network marketer - she was focused on sharing her business but you could tell what a tremendous impact her health and fitness have had as well. Her speech moved me so much that I gave her a signed card and told her when I make major changes in my life, that I wanted her to know the part she played in helping set me free from some self-imposed limitations I had created for myself. What a powerful speaker she was! I love how she shares that most people operate from logic and reason, but the successful entrepreneurs work from traits like courage, love, and passion, which are all characteristics of the heart.

Jeffery Combs President - Golden Mastermind Seminars, Inc.

"Look up the word leader in any dictionary and it is spelled Artemis Limpert! I have had the privilege of watching Artemis become a woman of influence in the last several years and not only become a leader, but be a leader grower. I feel so strongly about her message that she has been a keynote speaker at many of my largest events. You deserve to receive what Artemis Delivers!"

Jaleen Nielsen

You are an inspiration to me and ever since Immersion--My life really has changed drastically for the better. I know that the awesome month that I just had-- I attribute a lot of it to you because of the way I have changed deep inside. The things I picked up at Immersion have truly blessed my life and having you as a leader and mentor--Well I couldn't ask for any better. Thank you again for inspiring me to continually realize the importance of doing the things that will build my business and I will do whatever it takes to keep my mind-set and focus in the right place. Thanks again YOU ARE THE BEST I am so lucky to have you in my life..


Artemis: I just had to write and say how absolutely uplifting and inspirational your fireside chat was with my team Saturday night. Your 'cut-to-the-heart-of-the-matter' style and immediately integratable advice were priceless. Everyone has called or emailed me to tell me how inspired they have been by your message. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being with us and for being who you are.

Emmanuelle Paris, France

...you are the HUGE leader I've been waiting for for 44 years ! Life is fantastic :-) your CD's are accompanying me everyday... THANK YOU

Karan Shumka Vancouver, Canada

Thanks for doing what it took Artemis. And I will spend the rest of my life thanking you for Nakedly Honest Home Study Course. I think, “wow, what else could she give us?” and then I get REALLY excited because I know you are just getting warmed up.

Diana, Canada

I always enjoy listening to Artemis! I have listened to her talk on the "Right of Passage" many, many times and I always think, OMG that so applies to me! (I'm sure many people say the same thing). I just relate so much to what she says. She seems to hit home for me with so many things. When I listen to her I usually get emotional because it's like, yeah, I know I need to change that part of my character, my personality and she so knows how I feel! It's like she and I have spoken and she can pull things from my head! I just wanted to let you know how close I feel to Artemis, even though we have never met; she says so much about feelings and that is pretty much how I feel. I have been wanting to tell you this for some time and thought that today is the day. Thank you for sharing Artemis with us! Have a great day!

Connie Hertz

I listened to the whole set of Educating Your Expectations that someone loaned to me. Artemis, how very helpful these are to me! Thanks for your honesty and laying yourself out there to help me to become the leader I am meant to be. I definitely want to have this set for myself to listen to over and over!

Rebecca Dunbar

Bob suggested your meditation CD for myself and other members on our team. I truly wouldn't take it off for the first several weeks. I even would wear it in one ear while making calls to give myself the feeling I wasn't alone. With continuous use of your CD and the help of positive influences I have no doubts that I will be successful in all that I do.


That was an amazing session today. Why is it that I listen to I am twice a day and when I hear it live I get so emmotional and cry! Thank you for your gifts. Also- ever since I received the I am meditation I listen to that before I get out of bed in the morning- that replaced my specific affirmations around my business.

Jill Burgchardt

Wow, I've been listening to the Tuesday night calls and doing the homework so I could improve my network marketing business. I'm still working my day job. I've only had one week of training since I started my day job and that was 11 years ago. After three weeks of Educating My Expectations, I was recommended for a Leadership Training program today at my day job . How ironic; I'm just giggling.

Christy Sharafinski

If I could, I’d lay my hands on your shoulders, look deeply into your eyes and from my heart I’d tell you that you can not afford to NOT get this CD. I’ve never met a training of this caliber; one that answers questions before I had them and deftly points the way through what is yet to come. As the answers were laid out so plainly before me, my whole body seemed to relax deeply and let out a heart-sigh...the kind that comes when Truth has been spoken. So, please, do whatever it takes to get these CDs in your hands and your audio player NOW. I point all the leaders on my team to this resource again and again. Artemis has this way of shooting her insight-arrows straight to the heart of the matter. She doesn’t mince words. This is fluff-free stuff. And she tells it like no one else. There is hard-core, rock solid Truth in “Fully Dressed, Nakedly Honest”. Allow yourself to profit from it NOW. I promise you’ll listen to “Fully Dressed” again and again, and then swear you never heard it before. There are so many layers of insight woven into these CDs you’ll wonder how the recordings changed from one listen to the next.

Paula Harker

Hi Artemis…Paula here in Vancouver, BC. Super call last night…and Educating your Expectations is providing me with aha’s and a good kick in the butt :o)! THANKS FOR MAKING THAT SERIES


Just wanted to say thankyou for assisting me in so many ways to support my success so far. Having gone Diamond Ambassador with my company in November was the achievement I had dreamed of for 4 years. Your impactful coaching, inspiring cd programs and outstanding live workshop with Jerry here in Melbourne were a large part of that achievement. Thanks again and hope we get to see you in Australia again soon! Love always, Lisa :)


Artemis,I wanted to thank you for the teleconference call last Monday. It was a real blessing to hear what you presented. The concept about "the wrong league" made a lot of since to me because the people not into network marketing place a value on those that are in networking. The evaluation is usually one that you don't measure up to them. What a snare! There were many amazing things shared. Thanks again, Cathy

Suzanne S.

I write this with deep emotion. You really helped me understand myself and my role in this business. It was so gratifying to hear that I am not responsible for people leaving or not producing. That affirmation about letting people go really released some deep seated issues for me. I have always prided myself in being a good teacher and feel like the failure of my students somehow was my responsibility. I left teaching after 22 years of frustration, feeling like I just could not do enough to help others. That same mentality has followed me into this business. I always worry that somehow I just don't make the grade as a leader because my down-line is producing so slowly. What a relief to know that I don't need to look at my down-line for success. I need to just keep marching forward and doing my due diligence each day, knowing that the right people will be attracted to me at the right time. Once again, thank you for your honest, direct, and passionate advice. Warm Regards, Suzanne S.


Artemis, (BEST COACH OF ALL TIME) Thank you for all the coaching and the giving of yourself as you do! I realize you could be doing something /anything else...BUT you SO freely give of yourself... I thank you SO VERY much. Today was a really bad day for me; but after the call tonight, I think I can fly again... Many times when I hear you speak, you are echoing things I have heard my pastor say... you have your platform and he has his... BUT the message is the same.LOL,

Anita C.

Immersion was a life changing event for me. I am grateful for the tools I was given to succeed.I learned that people quit this business because: - they loose their vision - they loose their connection - they loose their dreams and, - they loose their beliefs It’s important that I surround myself with things around which I cannot think or act small. When it’s not working, ask myself…what beliefs do I have to change, I will not bring myself down with, what’s wrong with me. I am grateful and will rebuild my beliefs with the “why” I started this business with. I have mental and emotional muscle that needs exercise just like physical muscle. I will exercise all my muscles and allow myself to be bad long enough to be good! Gratefully, Anita C.

Sally S.

It's such a joy to listen to you! It's hard to believe that you ever had fears like so many of us learning to be leaders are experiencing...it's just such an inspiration for us to listen to you and know that we are all at the right place at the right time... you said so many things tonight that express exactly some of the things I'm feeling!!!!

Beatriz C.

We just wanted to express our deep gratitude for having taught us what "we thought we knew, but didn't really know" this past weekend at the Boot Camp! We both were completely blown away with your wisdom and knowledge. We've begun listening to and implementing your programs. We look forward to hearing you live again soon! Also, next time you're in Chicago, we'd love to show you Chicago's Greek-town! It'll be a blast!

Loren S.

I just finished the set of 8 CD's for the first time and am amazed at the content. There is insight here that no one has told me before. I will I have been working to put together a business sense the early 80's. The CD's showed me insight into dealing with the fear and anxiety.


I was just going to email you (I am doing accounting for that one client I kept) and I am listening to your Mantle of Leadership CDs for about the 10th time. You are an amazing speaker. Your wisdom speaks to me and encourages me to step up and lead in a powerful way. I am learning your phrasing and how to explain these powerful concepts to my team. THANKS!!!



I absolutely love the "Leadership CD set!! I have been listening to that one over and over and over!! You know for the longest time in our business, I have been the product person (they sometimes call me the "Colon Queen" because I've helped so many people through detoxing their bodies)... but this past year, I am so ready to venture out more into the leadership role of really 'BUILDING PEOPLE"!!! I must say, Artemis, out of all my mentors I have and all the CD's I've listened to and all the books I've read... I can relate to you more than any of them! Not to diminish any one else and their material; however, you are the most purest, 'come from the heart', no frills, tell it how it is LEADER I've ever met!! YOU ARE AWESOME MY FRIEND AND YOU BRIGHTEN MY DAY WHEN I HEAR YOUR VOICE!! Love and Blessings,Michelle


You met me at the seminar in Chicago... I just finished listening to your CD's on leadership and YOU ARE RIGHT ON, WOMAN!!!!!!! Thank you for the awesome info. It either confirmed for me that I was on the right track as a leader, in this industry, or it reminded me of some important fundamentals that we, as leaders, must continue to apply every day.Thank you for coming into my life at just the critical time.....Synchronicity!!!!!

Karen W.

The leadership experience and coaching excellence that you bring gave me another level of understanding about changes in my thinking and my actions that is taking my business to the next level. Artemis you teach how to be accountable in your own life and in your leadership, how to get past your challenges, master yourself first, and create for yourself, all in front of others so that you live your business in a way that just is attractive and draws others to you. You differentiate between what strong leaders gives and what they require, between what holds you back and how to lead with vision. You don’t just teach direct and honest coaching, and you do it. You have taught me to keep showing up in my business in one of three places? To learn, to learn to teach or to teach. I'm integrating your teachings at the next level,

Lynne T.

I just wanted you to know that the Saturday event was awesome! I so much identify with the part about stepping into (through) your fears. I have several national awards as a teacher, but THIS is all new, and very scary. I'm not used to being told "no" because a teacher just works through THAT until a student can say, "Yes, I’ve got it." BUT for me to do it is another story. But I'm determined. I wish that all the teachers in the world could hear you and then apply it to their audience!

Paulette P.

I pray everyone that could attend this weekend has been as uplifted by your words of encouragement, just as I have from your wonderful message. Thank you so much for contacting me. Thank you again for your caring and sharing from your heart. I look forward to coming to work with you. Have a blessed weekend


AWESOME seminar in Auckland NZ. And wanted to say "Thank you Artemis. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Chris N.

We were at the Brisbane (Australia) seminars and are still blown away by the wonderful time that we had and the information that you shared with us. We have been monetizing the information and are definitely going Diamond this month. Thank you for your inspiration.

Marilyn P.

Dearest Artemis, I love you forever. It's hard to express how much I have received from your CD's. You're an amazing woman. I love the person I hear coming through. Thank you for being vulnerable and willing to share your struggles so we can learn.God has gifted you with skills in communication and insights seldom seen. You have been an answer to prayers I have prayed over the years. Thank you for being such an incredible human being.

Kelly Vaughn

I'm making calls...just wanted to take a minute to tell you that I listened to your CD "Taking on the mantle of Leadership" today while I was working on the farm. Anyway, it was very good and I look forward to having a team and really applying it. One thing really stood out to me and I just wanted to share. On the second CD you are talking about what attracts people and what comes through as you're talking to people and you talk about the freedom people want. You specifically talk about "total freedom" and it really resonated with me when you said "total freedom means total responsibility". I get that more now than ever. Wow, wise words. I just want you to know that helps me so much to really take a hold of myself and truly be responsible for myself in all ways, physically, mentally, and especially emotionally and how that pertains to this business and life in general. I just had to say thanks!

Christi Solomon

Taking on the Mantle of Leadership is one of the best resources I use in building my own business. Most people do not understand what it really takes to build a multimillion dollar business and Artemis explains it so simply that you walk away with a strong understanding of leadership and a much broader vision to create exactly what we all desire to have. FREEDOM. I love this CD so much that I require my entire team to have it and refer to it frequently. It provides leverage and real duplication which is KEY in building true leadership in yourself and in your team as it grows.

Liz McGuire Melville, NY

“Recently, I was fortunate enough to be the recipient of an extraordinary gift from my Business Success Coach: Artemis’ ‘I AM’ Prosperity cd! A MUST HAVE in everyone’s library-for-success! In listening to it over and over it’s significant messages have empowered and strengthened my ability to achieve my daily and ultimately, my long term goals. Artemis’ leadership is never-ending!”

Phyllis McCourt

I've never been one to actually sit and meditate for longer than about a few seconds! I'd tried it a few times with and without help from an audio source with no luck! This meditation CD is very special & unique in that everything from the tone of Artemis' voice, the pace, and background music draws you in and takes you to a place of relaxation instantly. The message of this meditation CD goes to work on your subconscious mind and straight to the heart of what we all want for our lives... the beliefs we want to have and the future we want to create. This CD motivates and inspires on a very deep level. It helped change the way I think about myself and believe in the future I've dreamed about without me having to do anything but be disciplined enough to listen and let it work on my conscious and subconscios mind. A truly powerful tool to add to your arsenal. -

Claudia Volkman

There's no way you can listen to Artemis' Meditation CD (even once) and not come away refreshed and empowered, with a renewed mind and a clear heart. Listening to this CD in the morning absolutely changes the quality of my day, and listening to it at night is a great way to fall asleep to the truth. If you're looking for a tool to move you into a place of personal power, this little CD is a must-have!

Toli Fliakos

Artemis is no ordinary leader. She can speak with authority about the MANTLE OF LEADERSHIP because she wears it elegantly -- it becomes her! Having personally been inspired by the clarity of the vision that catapulted her in two years to the top of our company, I have felt --day in and day out-- the passion of her mission to mentor and groom leaders. In this CD set, she shares that passion with the intensity, energy, clarity and credibility that can only come from the depths of the heart. This is not a mantle she "bought" off the shelf from books, tapes and seminars -- it's a custom fit, woven from her own remarkable personal experience and transformation. If you want to grasp and internalize the mindset difference, a framework that will empower you to joyously and successfully "live your business, instead of just trying to do your business,"

TAKING ON THE MANTLE OF LEADERSHIP is a crowning jewel for your collection of personal growth resources. WARNING: it's not just an ordinary resource that can be readily relegated to gather dust on a shelf. Powerful, inspirational, sweeping in range, yet concise in the delivery, it is chockfull of specific strategies that can transform and energize you... and your enterprise -- you will surely want to come back to it often, again and again, the way you would to a treasured reference book. And, as a leader taking on the mantle, you will want all the leaders you groom to follow suit.

Rafael & Evelyn Hernaiz

I was listening to the Artemis' Diva CD on the plane and what a tremendous testimony! That CD is really going to assist a lot of people in their business life, but most of all in their personal life. How do I get more copies and how much are they? I would like a few more to give out as gifts. I can't express how both of you impacted my life this past weekend. I cannot believe how much I can relate to Artemis'. In that CD - I learned that she was a recruiter and so was I. I also get very emotional (as you can tell) just like Artemis :) Just like the business has changed Artemis, since joining your team I have changed as well through listening to her. You two make a great couple. You are humble and genuine. Rafael and I cannot thank you enough and are very appreciative of everything you have done for us. My husband tells me that because of meeting you guys he now feels like he has a dream that will come true and has decided to partner with me to meet you at the top! May God keep blessing you,

We love you

Laura Snyder

Thanks for a fabulous weekend! Of all the seminars I have attended and countless books and CDs I've consumed, by far the single BEST thing I've ever done for myself and my business was attending Artemis Limpert's Immersion Event. If you're truly serious about moving upward in your business, by far the single BEST thing I've ever done for myself and my business was attending do whatever it takes to get yourself there!


Bob Ballasedis NewYork, NY

Hi Artemis I just had to tell you your '' I AM'' CD is phenomenal!!! I had many break thru's already listening too it. I recommended it to many friends and business partners. Just by listening I grew my income over 8K per month already in my business's. I cannot tell you how thankful I am for this CD. It is the only thing I listen too in my car which I am in hrs per day. It really focuses me and it is very relaxing at the same time. (I feel it really helps me manifest what/who I want to be) This was the most biggest gift of knowledge and assistance in any audio, DVD or book I ever read. Thank you again for such an outstanding product. Yours truly

Ben Lo, MD

I’ve been a family physician and now a network marketer and life and wellness coach. Artemis has been one of my key mentors for the past 2 years. Like a master sculptor, she has a unique ability to see and call forth the true self in each person, and to clearly articulate the heart of the matter—whether it’s in business, personal growth, leadership, or relationships. CD Set "Educating Your Exoectations" has greatly assisted me firstly with it’s energy—helping me get right back in state to prospect and lead my team—as well as with its key distinctions on leadership and building a team. It’s a resource I’ll be using repeatedly and one which will be key for all the serious leaders on my team.



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